60 Minute Success Workbook!

Giving you a whole new meaning of power hour ⚡️

Use my proven method to get the most out of one hour of work in your business! I created this guide for the overwhelmed entrepreneur who who wants to take their side hustle full time, but doesn't have 20 hours a week to put into it (yet)!

Give It To Me!

Here’s What’s Inside…

  • A goal-setting journal
  • The ultimate power hour checklist 
  • The 60 Minute Success framework and how to implement it.
  • A laid out plan to make the most out of 1 hour a week or 1 hour a day to grow your online business!

A Note from Taylor...

I created this workbook with you in mind! The busy woman finishing college, or working full-time, or taking care of their kids, or being a care-taker, and overall, a completely overwhelmed entrepreneur who isn't sure how to "manage it all".

I have built my business around working multiple other jobs, managing clients expectations, and being a SMM for a large business. I understand the hustle, but I I believe in being super intentional with your time. This workbook will help you gain clarity on you to-do list and give you the confidence to conquer it!

    - Taylor Squeglia

Yes! I Want It!